We love weddings for what they are - a celebration with the ones you love. For that reason we want to capture the occasion in the most honest way possible. We focus on subtlety and quiet interactions over grandeur, and mostly evocative images that help you remember how you felt.




We are drawn to emotions and tenderness. We are inspired by nature, films and lovers, and we want our images to embody those elements. Our aesthetic also lends to couples who see beauty in quiet moments. 




It stems from an idea to combine our two worlds of wedding imagery and traveling. We think that to fully understand the essence of a relationship, it helps to immerse ourselves in their story.


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A Singapore Wedding Photography co.


It is founded from the phrase 'words said and meant'. The idea behind the name is a reference to the saying "say what you mean, mean what you say", which is in hope of bringing an element of honesty and sincerity to my work.

I started photography as a way to document my personal life. In a few years I have discovered my favourite subject is the simple connection between people. The biggest satisfaction in my work comes from capturing emotions in a honest and organic way, and I have come to learn that is what I can offer you best.

If my work resonates with you, let's talk a little. I have a feeling we will work great together.


- Kenneth





  • 10" heirloom book in white linen and gold embossing
  • Keepsake glass box with a tarnished bronze finish
  • Rose gold drive with a metal and acrylic combination
  • White bordered prints with a textured matte finish
  • Online client gallery ready to share with family and friends


* Returns are dependent on the collections chosen



It's so important that we speak to figure out the perfect wedding photography coverage for your needs. I have four all-inclusive collections to make things simple or you can choose from a la carte hourly coverage and add on things like a heirloom album or an engagement session.

Wedding collections start from $2,100 SGD

Engagement collections start from $525 SGD






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