Said & Meant

Sentimental storytelling through artful imagery



Your pictures should be natural, emotional, and a reflection of you and your relationship. We are not into the manufactured and fabricated; we prefer an honest and humanistic approach.






We like nice dresses, we like personalised decors, and we will cover all of that. But no amount of detail shots will compare to the two of you, your family, and your closest friends. The details that we look out for are the laughters, the tears, or the glances - the little things that show who you are.




We think the human connection is amazing, and so we term our prewedding sessions as it is - Connections - to have an alone experience away from the urban distractions. We will ease you through the process to minimise the awkwardness and gently invoke subtle moments with a sense of intimacy.


"We were initially apprehensive about how our photos would turn out/whether we would look awkward as posing definitely didn't come naturally to us and we are not the most intrinsically romantic couple around. But our fears were quickly allayed as Kenneth patiently directed us through each shoot with the right balance of instructing us how/where we should stand/place our hands and still allowing us the flexibility to move and interact with each other naturally. 


Capturing raw emotions and not just poses in a photograph is no easy feat, but Kenneth managed to do so by asking us a number of choice questions about each other during the shoot which not only resulted in better photos, but really enriched the whole experience for the both of us."


Jarrod & Peishan