We believe your wedding celebration should be about staying true to who you are, surrounded by the ones you care about and the things you love. We look to create emotionally rich images and constructing a feeling that you can only fulfill by being yourself.




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The heart of preweddings should be about your connection with each other. We look to guide and minimalise the awkward process of being in front of the camera with meaningful interactions, ideally creating an overall intimate experience in quiet spaces.




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"We were initially apprehensive about how our photos would turn out/whether we would look awkward as posing definitely didn't come naturally to us and we are not the most intrinsically romantic couple around. But our fears were quickly allayed as Kenneth patiently directed us through each shoot with the right balance of instructing us how/where we should stand/place our hands and still allowing us the flexibility to move and interact with each other naturally. 


Capturing raw emotions and not just poses in a photograph is no easy feat, but Kenneth managed to do so by asking us a number of choice questions about each other during the shoot which not only resulted in better photos, but really enriched the whole experience for the both of us."


Jarrod & Peishan




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