Said & Meant



You are laid-back and easygoing

You appreciate the importance of staying true to yourself in your wedding

You look to spend quality time with your closest family and friends

You find more purpose celebrating with people who mean a lot to you

You seek honest photographs that also reflects an artistic flair





Everyone has a personal story that leads to who they are today. For me, one of the most significant point in my life was losing my mother through illness. A few days after her death, I had the difficult realisation that I hadn't took any pictures of her. This was especially haunting as I felt that it magnified my failings as a son.


It was also then when I truly understood what others meant when they said too often we take the present for granted. Photos are pretty unique, it keeps a focus on the people and things you value, holding a feeling that allows you to relive it. It may not be immediately apparent, but thirty years down the road when you are old and grey sitting on the couch with your partner, things may be different.


Derived from an old journal, Said & Meant comes from the saying 'say what you mean, mean what you say'. The brand was born in hope of creating honest and sincere imagery that will help people to love and remember.

My proudest achievement so far involved helping out the refugee children living in Indonesia, in which the project got featured in The Straits Times


Lost children of Cisarua


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Q & A


Do you do videos?


I don’t, but I have friends who I can recommend and be sure they will take care of you :)


Can we see some full weddings you have photographed?


Definitely. During meetings in person I will show a portfolio of recent work, an overview of my prices, and an explanation of the rest of the journey.


What is the confirmation process like?


It’s always better to meet in person first to get a better idea of what to expect. If things work out, there’s a contract and a deposit fee to lock down the date.


How does overseas pre-wedding work?


I always tell my couples that I’m going more as a friend than as a ‘formal’ photographer. This essentially means that I spent 2-3 days entirely with them, staying in the same accommodations and doing all the activities together.


When will we get to see our photos?


I will have a few previews available a week after the wedding and the full set eight weeks after.


Do you make wedding albums?


I design the pages layout and will send you a digital copy for your confirmation. After which I will send it to the album maker for completion.