our story



Said & Meant was derived from an old journal, with the saying 'say what you mean, mean what you say'. Staying true to the phrase, the brand was born in hope of creating honest and sincere imagery that will help people to love and remember.






Hi there, my name is Kenneth. 


Everyone has a personal story that leads to who they are today. For me, one of the most significant point in my life was losing my mother through illness. I had the difficult realisation that I hadn't took any pictures of her a few days after her death. This was especially haunting as I felt that it magnified my failings as a son.


Too often we take the present for granted and forget to appreciate the people around us. I believe pictures are an investment, keeping a focus on your relationships and constructing a feeling that allows you to relive what you have always felt.




One of the perks of my job is getting to travel with my couples. The biggest satisfaction for me doesn't come from the pictures, but the conversations and shared experience we had from it. Some of my favorite memories include


An elopement at New Zealand with Yi Teng & Zhen Yan

Long scenic drives in Iceland with Pei Shan & Jarrod

Outdoor Bali wedding with Jessica & Jeremy


I am in love and engaged to a girl who is my best friend. When people ask us how we are, we realise there isn't much to say because we are blissfully boring, at a stage where love is marked by poise and stability. We are an everyday couple who prefers lazy-morning Sundays and intimate gatherings with friends.