Better your wedding experience

This isn’t a usual wedding preparation list - as there are already many helpful guides out there - but rather a simple guide on how you can craft your wedding to reflect more of your personality. Unless you have a wedding planner, in which they can help you navigate and make your life easier, there are some simpler things you can do to better your wedding experience.


Making the pictures different

Your wedding may possibly be the only opportunity where all your closest friends and family gather together at one place. It also has the potential to show the unique individual that you are. It’s why the process of getting to know you before your wedding can be so important. When I get to understand who you are as an individual, as a couple, your family members, and the reason you are celebrating in the way that you are, the easier it is to create pictures that reflect your personality.

As an example, if you are from a single parent family and you want your mother to be more prominent in certain moments, it would be important if I learn this about you before the wedding.

There’s the simple idea that a photographer can just turn up at a wedding and start taking pictures, but there’s also a personalised and better way of doing things - natural, intimate and emotional pictures that are specifically catered to your situation.


Making the wedding different

Part of what makes your wedding unique is doing what you want to do and not feeling obliged to do something just because everyone else is doing it. If you feel that gatecrashing is not your thing, you can spend more time having an outdoor shoot with your bridesmaids. If comfort is important, consider wearing your favourite pair of shoes rather than heels. It’s different, but it’s who you are and part of the charm. Little things like this can add up to form a big picture.

Some other things that that showcases your aesthetics - venue, dress, decorations, flowers, your hair and makeup look


If you are confused

If you are lost on what your wedding day should look like, consider what pictures would you love to see a year after your wedding. Will it be gatecrashing where the guys show their silly side, quality time with your family at home, or letters exchange just the two of you somewhere away from the crowd? Regardless, it’s always better to plan a relaxing and flexible itinerary where you get to soak in the experience, rather than spending a lot of time in the car rushing from one place to another.



It’s important to choose a videographer whose sense of aesthetics and working style is similar to the photographer. In the past, I have worked with videographers whose visions differed greatly from mine, and that created a difference on the final photographs. When styles match however, we can complement each other’s work.

I find it easier to work with videographers who take an easygoing approach with minimal directing. The goal is to find honest and fleeting moments, and having a videographer with the same mindset is key.

Some videographers I love

Others vendors I trust to take care of you

Hair / Makeup



Planners / Stylists