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Wedding at Chijmes // Jamie & Samuel

At some point you revisit the places you have been to you begin to see them differently. When I think of this hall I don’t see the floor patterns, but rather the silhouettes that stood at the end of hallway. I don’t see the chairs, but rather the people who filled them. I see the stage, but also the people who used it as a start for a something hopeful. I can barely hear the music, but it’s clear how it had created an atmosphere of it’s own.

Wedding at Tangs Marriott // Elaine & Pierce

The magic of some weddings is both greater and simpler than most imagined. After being a part of many, I have realised the beauty of it is beyond the visible, beyond the event itself. You see a tapestry of friendships and joy, of family and love, of life and energy. I was reminded what makes a wedding a wedding. It is not perfection, but giving the opportunity for the most ordinary things to make it an extraordinary day.