Winstar & Joan

I had stumbled upon Kenneth's photography website when I was in search pretty much at the last minute for our wedding photographer. His work stood out to me almost immediately. There is such rawness and honesty in his work, it was hard to not connect with it. It was only after meeting with him that I understood why his work appeared the way it did, for he was such a person himself too - really sincere, genuine, down-to-earth, unpretentious.

At the end of the church ceremony, Kenneth requested for a private moment with us and when asked if we should be going anywhere, he replied that there was this corner at the staircase that he thought was nice. We all pointed towards the staircase near the entrance of the church but he said it was not it. Turns out that he had skimmed through the entire place earlier in the morning before the ceremony began and found this little window by a stairway none of us knew of, where the natural light shone through beautifully. It was there that I had one of my favourite moments of the day. He facilitated the photo-taking by asking my husband and I to reflect on the day's happenings and said that these memories will just get less vivid with the passing of time, hence the best gift he could give us was to crystallize this moment in the form of a picture so that we could at least remember how we felt in that moment when we look back in years to come. Needless to say, the shots taken in that moment turned out to be my favourites.

Kenneth turned up earlier and left later than the agreed time. He wasn't calculative in that way and helped us with taking more photos with our friends and family. He is so easy-going and comfortable to be with, many of our friends and family had asked if he was our friend. Our only regret is not catching him for a proper goodbye and to thank him for his service for the day.

Thank you, Kenneth :) You are one heck of a photographer and a wonderful wonderful person to be with. The world needs to know you!