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Christian & Grace

We sincerely wish there was a rating higher then 5 stars that we could give to Kenneth. We were extremely apprehensive as we are not photogenic in the slightest. Kenneth gave us a massive confidence boost by telling us that we didnt have to pose or do anything special other then be ourselves. We feel he has the rare knack of being able to capture people looking their best in their natural environments.

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Pierce & Elaine

We often reminisce and the day of your wedding is in fact the happiest moment you can feel for, and we are incredibly privileged and thrilled that Kenneth is part of that chapter with us. An awkward duo, Kenneth made us feel at absolute ease during our engagement shoot, and was the stature of calm and comfort we can looked towards during the actual day when things got hectic.

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Winstar & Joan

I had stumbled upon Kenneth's photography website when I was in search pretty much at the last minute for our wedding photographer. His work stood out to me almost immediately. There is such rawness and honesty in his work, it was hard to not connect with it. It was only after meeting with him that I understood why his work appeared the way it did, for he was such a person himself too - really sincere, genuine, down-to-earth, unpretentious.

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Jarrod & Pei Shan

We were initially apprehensive about how our photos would turn out/whether we would look awkward as posing definitely didn't come naturally to us and we are not the most intrinsically romantic couple around. But our fears were quickly allayed as Kenneth patiently directed us through each shoot with the right balance of instructing us how/where we should stand/place our hands and still allowing us the flexibility to move and interact with each other naturally. 

We would highly recommend Kenneth to couples who appreciate the gentle, quiet beauty of his photographs, and who are looking to capture genuine and timeless snapshots of their relationship which will transcend a wedding celebration and serve as beautiful keepsakes for a lifetime.

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Jeremy & Jessica

He has this quiet presence about him, which is a wonderful quality for a photographer to have. He doesn't impose but yet he captures every single moment. He is really the best at what he does.  

All the photos that Kenneth took of us, our guests and the wedding, captured the emotions of the moment perfectly. I can look at each photo and relive the feelings I felt on that special day. And to me, that makes each picture perfect. 

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