Nara // Josh & Sarah


Josh and Sarah are such a fun loving and bubbly couple it was hard not to miss them after I left. They were also the couple I had the most drinks with, and I loved our heart to heart drinking session at a restaurant near our Airbnb.

We started off from Kyoto before driving to Nara, and the places we visited were

  • Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

  • Philosopher’s Walk

  • Nara Deer Park

  • Senjojiki

Shooting at Nara Deer Park was much tougher than I expected, mainly because of how aggressive the deers were and how dirty the place can be. Nevertheless we were lucky the light was amazing and we got the few pictures that we wanted.

Senjojiki was a two hours drive away from the city, but it was so worth it. The place is exceptional if you like a clean place to shoot with the ocean.