Hokkaido // Jia Jian & Sarah


This trip with Jia Jian and Sarah holds a special place in my heart. I believe traveling together creates an inexplicable bond between people and it certainly felt that way through my five days together with them. It’s hard for me to share with you exactly where we did our shoots at because out of the six places we had them, four weren’t planned on the map. They were where we stumbled upon as we drove yet somehow it worked. The ones we did planned for though, were

  • Otaru Canal

  • Lake Toya

We drove from Otaru to Lake Toya area with Mt Yotei in mind.

This is my first time shooting in Hokkaido and I certainly loved the snow aspect of the shoot. My favourite session is with the snow forest. Everything from the light to the atmosphere was soft and gorgeous and I honestly couldn’t ask for more.