Iceland // Pei Shan & Jarrod

Muse, wonder, a mark on a personal map. Since the beginning this place has been somewhat of a siren song for me. It’s hard not to feel thankful when I have the opportunity to pack my bags for her again. The last time we were there we were constantly on the road, driving towards the sun and leaving it behind. I would spend most of my time in the backseat, occasionally fascinated by what my window brought me and snapping a picture worthy of memory. Words were few and far between, but they weren’t needed at those hours and there was music to fight sleep. When we traveled far enough we often find ourselves in some strange landscape, surrounded by nothingness and a quiet that was impossible for the city. In light these places were our escape, a disconnect from the people and lives we left back home. In darkness I can only imagine they are somewhat similar to the surface of the moon, stringing us to a mystical past before we were born. I wouldn’t know, I never had the pleasure of meeting her in the night. I’m hoping to this time.