Iceland // Pei Shan & Jarrod


This trip is without a doubt one of the most memorable trips I have had, simply because how unique it was.

At the end of every June there is a phenomenon called the Midnight Sun in Iceland. It’s when the country never goes completely dark, only till the point of dusk/dawn. When I read about it I was thrilled, because I wanted to capitalise on that light to set the mood of the pictures. What it meant for us was that we should shoot between the hours of 10pm - 3am when all the tourists were sleeping. This was exceptionally challenging because of our body clocks.

Thankfully the both of them were such adventurous souls who were up for it. There were so many moments when we braved through sleep and I appreciated two of them so much for trusting me with their story.

Our trip was mainly at the Southern part of the country, and some notable places we went to were

  • Þingvellir

  • Jökulsárlón

  • Seljalandsfoss

  • Skógafoss

  • Svartifoss