Hello, my name is Kenneth. 


Growing up, I have always been a little quiet and shy. I gravitated towards art but I couldn't find my medium till I had my first camera. It's because of these traits that I can empathise how awkward it can be in front of the camera, so I am always keen to allow my couples to relax and be themselves.


One of the most significant point in my life was when I lost my mom through illness. It was painful not because it was unexpected, but because of the regrets of not spending enough time and taking pictures of her. That difficult realisation reminded me of how essential my job is, and it serves as a true north for what my pictures stand for. 


I am in love and also engaged to a girl who is my best friend.




on Philosophy


I photograph for the future you.


I believe the reason we are so drawn to pictures from our childhood is because of how it makes us feel. I wish to translate that genuine depiction of who you are, for who you will be.




on Weddings


I enjoy the beautiful dresses and decorations that depict your style, but I also love the honest moments - quiet glances, the laughters and tears - the little things that show who you are.




on Preweddings


There's something pure and beautiful in the human connection. I term my prewedding sessions as Connections to reflect that intimate experience in quiet spaces.




on Company


The idea behind the company name was dug up from an old journal, and is a reference to the saying "say what you mean, mean what you say", which is in hope of bringing an element of honesty and sincerity to my work that will help you love and remember.