Founded from the phrase 'words said and meant', the idea behind the name is a reference to the saying "say what you mean, mean what you say", which is in hope of bringing an element of honesty and sincerity to my work.




Hey there! Thanks for getting this far. My name is Kenneth, and a little about me - I am a Comms graduate and I started this career since my university days. School was also where I met my girlfriend (now fiancé), and she is pretty much the best thing that happened to me.

Growing up I have always been a little shy and a little awkward. I always gravitated towards art but couldn't find my true medium till I had my first camera. The idea of creating something that will make you feel something invigorates me, so that has always been my motivation.

One of the most significant point in my life was when I lost my mom through illness. It was the worst period of my life not because it was a little unexpected, but because I did not have a single picture of her taken on my camera. That painful realisation reminded me how essential my job can be.