I am drawn to artful storytelling and organic portraiture. My aesthetic lends itself to couples who appreciates evocative moments and images that invoke a deep sense of intimacy. Couples immerse themselves in a nature setting see it as an opportunity to get away from urban distractions and enjoy a quiet experience with each other.




I see the value of photographs in fleeting moments from the people we love. Couples planning a less hectic schedule for their wedding allow themselves to enjoy their day fully and in turn create more compelling images with their family and friends. My reserved approach allows me to work without compromising the integrity of your occasion.


A Singapore Wedding Photography co.


Founded from the phrase 'words said and meant', the idea behind the name is a reference to the saying "say what you mean, mean what you say", which is in hope of bringing an element of honesty and sincerity to my work.

I started photography as a way to document my personal life. In a few years I have discovered my favourite subject is the simple connection between people. The biggest satisfaction in my work comes from capturing emotions and connections in an organic manner, and I have come to learn that is what I can offer you best.


- Kenneth